Loyalty FAQ

1. What is the Bobbi Brown Club?

Bobbi Brown Club is a membership that allows you to accumulate points for your purchases. For every 1 Malaysian Ringgit (RM) spent you will be entitled to 1 reward point (1RM = 1pt). You will be entitled to accumulate points for rewards, that are redeemable based on reward tiers. You will also be entitled to Welcome, Birthday and other communication offers.

2. How do I join as a Bobbi Brown Club member?

You are entitled to join the program when you make a purchase with Bobbi Brown. For every RM1 you spend, you will be entitle to 1 reward point. All you need to do is agree to the program terms and conditions upon registration.

3. How do I earn points with Bobbi Brown Club ?

You will earn points with every purchase made with Bobbi Brown brand at participating department stores counters or at Bobbi Brown retail stores . For every RM1 spent, you will be entitled to 1 reward point. RM 1 = 1 Point

4. When will my Bobbi Brown Club points expire?

Your Bobbi Brown Club points are accumulated during each calendar year. At the end of 31 December each year, your accumulated points in the present calendar year shall be saved in record and shall only be used for redemption during reward redemption period (usually held during April next calendar year). You must redeem your available points prior to the end of reward redemption period, or the available points will expire. On 1 January of the new calendar year, your points reset to zero (0) and you start accumulating new points for the new calendar year.

5. Can I exchange my points for products outside of the rewards program?

Your Bobbi Brown Club points are only entitled for exchange based on reward tier offering. In the event that rewards are not available it would be at the brand's discretion to provide an alternative with similar value. Points are not eligible for cash or product exchanges.

6. When will I get to redeem my Bobbi Brown Club rewards?

Redemption of rewards occurs annually and usually during the month of April. You will be notified by the brand of your eligibility and reward redemption.

7. Where can I go to view my points balance?

Points balance summaries will be included in selected communications. You may also choose to review points in store by reaching out to our friendly beauty advisors

8. I was in a rush with my purchase and did not advise Beauty Advisor of my membership upon my purchase, am I still eligible to earn points for my purchase?

Unfortunately no, points can only be accumulated at the point of purchase.

9. Can I share my membership with my family or friends?

Only one program account may be associated with the Bobbi Brown Club.

10. Can my family member act on my behalf to redeem my rewards?

It is strongly not recommended as redemption requires OTP verification of the registered mobile number.

11. I realised I have 2 Bobbi Brown Club memberships, can I combine this into a single program and have the points consolidated?

Yes you may, all you need to do is to seek assistance from our friendly Beauty Advisor for assistance. Do note it may take up to 7 working dates for merge to be complete.

12. Is the Bobbi Brown Club applicable around the world or in Asia?

The Bobbi Brown Club is currently only available for Malaysia and non-airport purchases. Purchases made in airport stores and retail stores outside of Malaysia are not eligible purchases for the purpose of this program

13. Can I choose to not be part of the Bobbi Brown Club after registering my interest?

We will be sorry to understand that you would not like to be part of the program and rewarded. At anytime you feel that the program does not suit your needs you may cancel your membership by contacting info@bobbibrown.com.my or by visiting any participating department store counter or Bobbi Brown retail store and tell a beauty advisor that you would like to cancel.

14. Can I choose to not receive any communications while remaining a member of the Bobbi Brown Club

You may opt-out of receiving both marketing communications and program-related communications at any time by following the instructions provided in our Privacy Policy, but please note that you are not able to choose to opt-out of just marketing communications or just program-related communications. After opting-out of both marketing emails and program-related emails, your program membership remains valid, but you will only receive information and updates about the Program and your account by visiting a participating department store counter or Bobbi Brown retail store to enquire from a beauty advisor.

15. If I am an existing Bobbi Brown consumer, do i need to subscribe into the Bobbi Brown Club?

If you are an existing Bobbi Brown consumer, you will be entitled to join the loyalty program simply by agreeing to the loyalty Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy on your next purchase.